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Integrated solutions for your city

SGA Lighting makes getting a great, business-effective lighting solution a simple, streamlined process for our customers. Your industry’s needs are extremely familiar to us, so you can count on us to reliably deliver or help coordinate any – or all – parts of the lighting solution, from products to services. When you partner with SGA Lighting to implement a total lighting solution, you’re assured of results that give you maximum impact and lighting quality with minimum hassle and risk.


In IntelligentCity, our latest road and street lighting products are united – including our CityTouch platform – to create a complete, intelligent system that offers ultimate control in lighting outdoor traffic areas of all kinds. The solution gives complete insight into what is taking place within your lighting system, allows you to communicate with it, and – in the near future – will even make it possible for the lighting to communicate with your other systems. Teaming up with SGA Lighting Services makes it a simple, straightforward process to take control, and light up roads and streets the smartest way possible.


LumiMotion is a smart, motion-sensing lighting system for parks and residential areas that detects exactly where bright lighting is needed in the late evening/early morning hours. If there’s no activity in an area, the lights dim to a gentle glow. The slightest motion, however, immediately brings them back up to full illumination. A variety of cities around the world have already made use of SGA Lighting’s Advisory, Project Management and Capital Investment Services to install LumiMotion pilots in streets, parks and other areas. Most of them are recording energy savings of more than 75%.

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