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Mobile Solar Power Units

SGA supplies mobile solar power units, which cab be towed behind a vehicle, providing portable power to remote off-grid locations. The SGA mobile power units provide up to 12KW of power in a single unit and make an excellent alternative to gas or diesel generators, with no fumes, fuel or moving parts.
Key Features
High efficiency true sine wave output.

Building block power levels – Up to 12KW Single Phase or 36KW Three Phase.

High surge capacity to start difficult loads like well pumps, refrigerators or A/C compressors.

Supports Multi-mode Grid-tie operation.

Advanced PV Panel opening mechanism allow single person opening and prevents jamming.

Use of high capacity OpzV batteries, ensures long service with minimal maintenance.

Self healing, anti-dust coating on PV Panels ensures minimal loss of charge capability in dusty environments and resists cracking.

Battery Monitoring Capability allows advance warning of required battery maintenance and impending cell failure.


6–500 12–500 6–1000 12–1000

Type of Signal True Sine Wave
Voltage 230V AC Single Phase
Frequency 50 Hz
Output Power Ratings

Peak Output Power (15 Seconds Max.) 12KW 24KW 12KW 24KW
Continuous Output Power 6KW 12KW 6KW 12KW

4 Hour Rating (with Full Sun) 5.2KW 5.2KW 6.0KW 8.0KW
8 Hour Rating (with Full Sun) 3.7KW 3.7KW 5.2KW 5.2KW

4 Hour Rating (No Sun) 2.8KW 2.8KW 5.7KW 5.7KW
8 Hour Rating (No Sun) 1.4KW 1.4KW 2.8KW 2.8KW
PV Panels

No. of PV Panels 12
PV Panel Peak Power Rating 225W
Peak Charging Capacity 2700W
PV Panel Anti-Dust Coating YES

Battery Type OPzV
Battery Configuration 24 x 2V 48 x 2V
Battery Nominal Capacity 499 Ah 998 Ah
Depth of Discharge 50%

Total Capacity Available (at 50% DOD) 12KW Hours 24KW Hours
Time to Recharge (Full Sun) 4.7Hours 9.35 Hours
Cycle Lifetime (approx) 1200 Cycles
Power Outlets

AC Outlets 32A, 16A (x2), 13A (x2), 12V Auxiliary Socket

Grid Connection 32A
Generator Input 32A
Physical Characteristics


Dimensions (when closed)
Dimensions (when open)
Operating Temperature (Ambient) 0 to 50 Degrees


Diesel Generator 6KVA (4.8KW)
Remote Battery Monitoring
GPRS or V Sat

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