Solar Water Heating
Mobile Solar

Flat Plate Collector
Technical Specifications –
Overall area (m2) 2,09
Absorber area (m2) 1,92
Aperture area (m2) 1,92
Length (mm) 2030
Width (mm) 1030
Height (mm) 87 Overall weight (kg) 48,2
Absorber type GRID
Absorbers capacity 1.97
Thickness (mm) 0,50
Absorption 95% +/- 2%
Emission 5% +/- 2%
Max working pressure (bar) 10
Heat transfer mediumPROPYLENE GLYCOL
Certificate SOLAR KEY MARK

Evacuated Tube Collector
Technical Specifications –
Number of evacuated tubes 18
Yield forecast (area 3.22m2) 733 kWh/m2a.08 x 1.64 x
Grid Dimensions (LxHxD, mm) 2010x1603x140
Gross Surface Area (m2) 3.22
Aperture Area (m2) 2.84
Collector contents (ltr) 2.6
Empty weight (Kg) 65
Commissioned weight inc. fluid (Kg) 67.6
Max working pressure (bar) 6
Max stagnation temperature 249° C
Connection diameter, clamping ring 18mm
Sensor Sleeve 6mm
Collector material    Al/Cu/glass/silicone
Glass Tube material    Borosilicate glass
Selective absorber coating material CERMET, Absorption 94%;Emission 6%
Colour (plastic parts) Black
Tests and approvals    EN 12975-2, Solar, Keymark, ISO 9001

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